Working with schools and local authorities across the UK to update policy and practice

The soaring exclusion rates and distress witnessed in recent years evidence that there is much that needs to change within our education system here in the UK. Now is the time to update our policies and practice, asking ourselves what has happened to our children in order for them to do what they do, and proactively intervening in order to meet the needs of ALL children, no matter what they have lived.

‘Trauma Responsive Education’ (TRE) is a 7 Day training package over a year which offers Senior Managers, Headteachers and local authority leads the opportunity to reflect upon current educational practices and policies, in light of what we now know about Adverse Childhood Experiences and other relational traumas. We now know that what we learn from the few can truly benefit the whole.

This course challenges current approaches which still focus on relational withdrawal when the going gets tough, instead of prioritising the need for familiarity and permanency to support felt safety, regulation and connection.

Our traditional behaviour policies usually only focus on pupils’ behaviour when we now know that it is significant as to whether the adults are regulated and connected. This capacity or not can impact pupils for better or for worse. We consider best ways to support staff to co-regulate and to show up for their pupils so they can be the best they can be within educational contexts.   Over the 7 days, we work together to create an individual, relational policy for both staff and pupils using our TouchBase template that is embedded in Dyadic Developmental Practice. This policy will enable schools to embed attachment aware and trauma responsive ways of being within their different settings to ensure the needs of all are met and that exclusion rates are reduced.

Schools and Local Authorities who have journeyed with us on this, have been accredited and whose policies are now LIVE within their setting can be found HERE.

For more information about the ‘Trauma Responsive Education’ course and other courses run by TouchBase please click on the links below.


Three well respected and established organisations join up to advocate for an empathic and informed understanding of the impact of trauma and loss on pupils.


The latest research in child development, attachment and neuroscience coupled with accredited experienced practitioners.


Creating small personalised teams in school who provide consistent, attuned and responsive care and rich, relational approaches.


Encouraging attendance at local support groups, regional hubs, national conferences and completing further reading


Providing the training, resources and support for staff and assistants so that children and young people who have experienced trauma and loss have access to the help they need.